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Glossary – F

Glossary – F

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  • Facet

    One of the polished small plane surfaces of a cut gem. The facet is designed to enhance the reflection of light passing through the stone.

  • Family Member Icons

  • Fancy Chain

    A description to identify a variation of any standard type chain.  Decorative features can include unusual shaped links, a combination of different links and decorative finishes to the chain.

  • Fancy Cut

    Refers to any gem cuts other than the round brilliant shape. Examples of these cuts would include heart, oval, square, emerald, baguette, marquise, etc.

  • Fancy Lobster Clasp

    A fancy upgrade to the classic Lobster clasp.  A clasp used for necklaces and bracelets that features a loop with a spring equipped lever mechanism which can be opened to insert or release the ring from the other end of the chain.

  • Fancy Springlock

    A fancy upgrade to the classic springlock clasp typically found on trend-setting fashion styles.  A circular clasp with a spring equipped insert that can be retracted to insert or remove the ring on the other end of the chain.

  • Figaro Chain

    Similar to a Curb Chain having flattened twisted links but instead of repeating uniform links, multiple uniform links will alternate between a longer link, with the most common combination being 3 short followed by one long. 

  • Filigree

    Lace-like ornamental work made from intricately arranged intertwined wires.

  • Findings

    Functional jewelry parts such as clasps, fasteners and jewelry construction components.

  • Fleur De Lis

    is a stylized lily or iris that is used as a decorative design or symbol.

  • Florentine

    Designating a metal finish with finely incised lines that impart a dull luster

  • Fold Over Catch

    A hinged clasp that can be opened to allow the ring on the other end of the chain to be inserted and snaps closed meshing with the links on the other end.

  • Folded Tongue

    A clasp-like a box catch, but with an additional component that folds over the box.

  • Four C’s

    An abbreviation for the words Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat, the four parameters by which the value of a diamond is determined.

  • Franco Chain

    An interwoven uniform V-shaped link tightly joined together and sturdy enough for heavy pendants. The V-shaped links can vary from round, flat or diamond cut.  Available in numerous patterns.

  • French Wire Hooks

    French wire hooks are a type of earring fasteners in which an extended hook is inserted through the earlobe.  The length of the hook eliminates the necessity of a connector to secure it.

  • Freshwater Pearl

    A pearl formed by a mussel living in a lake or a river.

  • From the Earth Beads

    Made from stones originating from the Earth, such as: Agate, Coral and Quartz

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