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Glossary – I

Glossary – I

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  • Inclusion

    A particle of foreign matter within a mineral that inhibits the flow of light and may affect the appearance of the stone. Many inclusions decrease the value of a stone but some are prized as they are the cause of extraordinary phenomena such as star sapphires or tiger eye quartz.

  • Inlay

    A decorative element or material embedded into another surface in such a manner that it is flush with the surface.

  • Insert or Insert Ring

    A ring meant to add versatility and embellish a solitaire ring. An insert has two rows of diamonds with a gap between them to accommodate the solitaire ring when slipped into the insert.

  • Invisible Set

    A grooved setting that holds the stone(s) in such a manner that the setting itself can’t be seen.

  • IP-Plating

    In the IP-plating process, color is fused to the base metal in a controlled vacuum environment.  This method enriches the jewelry with color that is fashionable and long lasting.  However this does not mean that the IP-plating will never exhibit wear and tear at some point.  It will scratch if exposed to sharp objects or rough surfaces.

  • IPC-Plating

    IPC-Plating is a new patented special coating of iron power which is lead, nickel and cadmium free.

  • IPG-plated

    Ion plating process used to place hard metal coatings onto jewelry metals.

  • Iridescence

    Play of color over the surface of a pearl as interference divides white light into its component colors.

  • Irish

  • Italian Murano Glass Beads

    Made on the tiny island of Murano, just off the coast of Venice, Italy.

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