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Glossary – M

Glossary – M

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  • Mabé pearls

    Assembled blister pearls which grow on the inside of the mollusk shell rather than in the mantle of the organism. Once cut away from the shell, they are affixed with a mother of pearl backing. These half-domed pearls are frequently bezel-set for earrings.

  • Magnesite

    Can range from transparent to opaque and is a highly porous, low luster stone and can be dyed a number of different colors.

  • Magnetic Clasp

    A type of clasp that simply uses the attractive force of magnets on each end of a chain to connect.  Simple and clean, this is a very attractive modern method of fastening chains.

  • Manual Winding

    Manual, or mechanical, watches are powered by a mechanical movement that needs daily winding in order to function

  • Marcasite

    Sometimes called white iron pyrite is used as a gemstone

  • Marquise

    An oval shape gemstone cut with pointed ends. The name originated from the mistress of King Louis XV, Marquise de Pompadour.

  • Matinee

    An industry standard length of a pearl necklace between 22 to 24 inches in length.

  • Matte

    A non-shiny finish.

  • Melee

    A small diamond.

  • Memento Script Font

  • Military|Religious

  • Millgrain Edge

    A knurled look of small beads or ridges, like the edge of a coin.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Moissanite

    A rare mineral discovered by Henri Moissan, is harder than ruby, sapphire and other popular gemstones and second in hardness only to diamond. Moissanite is known for its exceptional brilliance and fire, properties that in Moissanite exceed most popular gemstones and diamond’s.

  • Momme Weight

    The preferred weight measure used for loose pearls and pearl strands. One momme equals 3.75 grams.

  • Monograms/Initials

  • Mother Of Pearl

    Iridescent layer (principally calcium carbonate and conchiolin) lining the inner shell of some mollusk species and used for jewelry, watch faces and flatware. When it coats a bead to form a cultured pearl or composes a natural, tissue-cultured or keshi pearl, it’s called nacre.

  • Mothers Ring Block Font

  • Mothers Ring Script Font

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