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Glossary – R

Glossary – R

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  • Re-stringing

    Nice pearls should be hand strung and knotted, but they will stretch overtime. Keep them safe and looking great with professional restringing when necessary.

  • Refractive Index (Brilliance)

    As light passes through an object, it has a tendency to bend as the speed of the light slows down. The amount of “bend” that a material yields when light passes through it is known as “refraction”. When light passes through a vacuum (nothing), it bends very little. This slight bending of light is used to compare how much a given gemstone bends light passing through it. This ratio is known as the gemstone’s “Refractive Index”. Gemstones with a higher refractive index are more brilliant than gemstones with lower refractive indexes. Most gemstones have refractive indexes noted as ranges instead of a single number. This is due to the Optic Character of the gemstone

  • Rhodium

    White metallic chemical element that when applied to the finish of gold jewelry gives the effect of white gold. Also used to enhance white gold.

  • Ribbed

    A textured effect consisting of ridges.

  • Ring Guard

    A ring worn above another ring to keep it from slipping off the finger.

  • Ring Guard

    Small metal strips on the end of a shank.

  • Rivet Wire

    Component used to secure a pin stem into a joint.

  • Rolo Chain

    Small round or oval links, typically thicker than Cable Chain, that are flat on the inside and interlocked in a uniform pattern.  Available in a variety of high polish and diamond cut textures and in numerous millimeter sizes.  Also known as a Belcher Chain.

  • Roman Block Font

  • Roman Font

  • Rope Chain

    Looks like two or more twisted strands of chain are spiraled together and is created by weaving rows of small links together.  Available in numerous millimeter sizes and also in diamond cut.

  • Rosary

    A string of beads used for keeping count in such a devotion or in the devotions of some other religions.

  • Rose Gold

    An alloy of gold and copper.

  • Roundel

    A small “donut” shaped disk.

  • Ruby (July Birthstone)

    The birthstone for July. The red variety of corundum, second only to diamond in hardness.

  • Ruthenium

    Is a chemical element with symbol Ru and atomic number 44. It is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group of the periodic table. Like the other metals of the platinum group, ruthenium is inert to most chemicals

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