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Repairs & Services

In-store Repair Services Terms & Conditions are as follows:

For standard repair contact us by phone 407-986-1005 or email: [email protected]. For In-house watch Complete Overhauls (COA) contact us by phone at 407-986-1005.

Only items purchased from Jeweler By Sweet Pea that are under warranty will not incur shipping, insurance and handling charges. All other items will incur shipping, insurance and handling charges. Minimum charge is $25.

The majority of repair estimates will be given within 7-10 business days for repairs performed in-house. Outside vendors may require additional time.

Promise dates on the claim ticket are purely estimates as exact dates of service may be unknown due to parts availability from manufacturers or other circumstances. You will be contacted when the item is ready to be returned to you / picked up.

Depending on service needed, items may be shipped outside of our facility, within the US, for service and may require several business days or more to return. Same-day return is not available. Items may need to be shipped outside of the country to a manufacturer’s facility.

Description of the item(s) received is subject to amendment following inspection by the watchmaker or jeweler.

All articles which are antique, irreplaceable, fragile or brittle nature, or susceptible to damage from light, heat, or moisture are accepted on condition that the customer accepts all risks with respect to any service requested to be performed.

Additional Information: For additional information please call us at 407-986-1005.